The Right Tool: And Other Poor Choices

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Words and Art by Craig Foster.

You might not be able to tell at first glance, but some people could be bears and others nothing at all. Misfits governing a neighborhood without anyone there knowing it. Perhaps a devoted parent of vintage dolls. Or a visitor who seems so like us. All of them doing their best, using the right tools at the wrong times. These are tales of people living in the most dangerous lands, their own minds.



Fiction. Short-story collection. Trade paperback. Full color. 20+ illustrations. 128 pages.

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Dimensions 5 × 8 in

4 reviews for The Right Tool: And Other Poor Choices

  1. mercybeatstom44

    What the helljust happened? In a good way, though.

  2. pdxbooklover

    Wild and ridiculous. Some of the best flash fiction I’ve read.

  3. redbinfin

    Strange but I get most of it. And I laughed aloud.

  4. Thechickchick

    There are so many reasons to read this book. It could, of course, be used as simply an amusing and refreshing summer read, and it would not disappoint in this role, assuming the reader has some appetite for eclectic literature. But it can also claim important therapeutic uses. For example, this: those suffering from social anxiety will find it to be an invaluable substitute for attending a party. The characters contained here provide the same opportunities to broaden one’s thinking on familiar subjects, and be jarred back to life by new ideas. If one’s social anxiety is caused by fear that people are weird, this book may not help. In fact, caution should be used. However if, as I believe is true in the great majority of cases, it is due to preoccupation with one’s own perceived oddness, the assumption that everyone else fits some definition of normal, and the anticipation of therefore feeling discomfort, here is a fine antidote. The odd are not alone, and so they needn’t endeavor to be! To sum it all up, this is a book that belongs on every psychiatrist’s shelf–not just that of Mr. Craig Foster’s.

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