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Defiant. Smart. Funny. The perfect date. Also, the return of the edge. Incredible tales. The freshest artists. This is NOW. All aboard!

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The savviest writers. The best artists. Sending scouts deep into the Portland, Oregon, literature and arts scene, Buckman Journal brings together the city’s exceptional talent and presents them to the greater world. Delivered with gusto and sharp visuals, the publication dares to revitalize the printed form.

The journal is named after an inner-southeast Portland neighborhood, one of many hubs that drive the city. To learn what’s happening NOW, there are few that give the inside lane like Buckman Journal.

Print: 174 pages. Full color. Large trade paperback 7.5” x 9.25”


Letter From The Editor
Hot Box by Craig Foster. Flash fiction. Art by Wooden Cyclops.
KISS FIGHT KISS by Jessica Dylan Miele. Short story. Photography by Kate Woodman
Old Portland by Rich Perin. Short story. Illustrated by Jodie Beechum
Really Awesome and Poor by Tammy Gomez. Essay. Paintings by Ruth Shively
More Human Achievements by Lauren Hunter. Poetry. Photo collage by Annika Izora
The Untitled by Jennifer Hayler. Short story. Photography by Brendon Burton.
Tokyo Free Time by Craig Foster. Flash fiction. Wooden Cyclops Illustration.
Disposable Memories by Raechel Wolfe. Interview. Photography by Corbin Corbin
Axis/Praxis by E.L. Hopkins. Short story. Digital art by Braeden Cox
PAY DAY by Hugh Newell. Graphic Narrative
Manhattan Does Not Get Up, Stand Up For Marley and Tosh. Memoir. Paintings by M3AT
Morocco And My First Eid Kabir by Tiara Darnell. Memoir
South Texas Gift de Thrift by Bonnie Ilza Cisneros. Mixed genre. Susan Sage paintings.
Self Made Woman by Denise Chanterelle Dubois. Memoir excerpt. Collages by Stephanie Hatch
Checking Out by Craig Foster. Flash fiction. Wooden Cyclops Illustration
Consort by Merridawn Duckler. Short story. Jamila Clarke Photographs
Honor Roll

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12 reviews for Buckman Journal

  1. Talia F.

    The art is fantastic and I could not put it down. I had to finish the story! I am getting the poster too, genius photography.


    This is cool AF. I don’t read much but and i guess i need pictures. HAHAHA! But seriously, it’s cool. The story about the strawberry is my favrite.

  3. Portsby

    How do I get in to the journal?

  4. lemonn

    I want to move to there.

  5. Donya

    Wow! That E.L. Hopkins is a weirdo! Does E.L have a book?

  6. MuchlyMary

    SO happy that this town is getting its shit together. There is so much going on that doesn’t get its props. Well done! Looking forward to the next issue.

  7. beverlypatricehills

    Do yourself a favor and support your local. It’s good to see that old pdx spirit is still alive in the tidal wave of new comers who may not know the history and spirit of pdx.

  8. EspisitaCompleta

    Whoa! Seldom is there such a complete literary journal, with so many angles and avenues converging and branching, with a bunch of art that match the stories/poems. This is how a lit mag should look like: It needs to reflect the times. Sadly, most literary journals reflect their navels.

  9. wigglemunch

    Yo! Whens the next issue?

  10. jennka

    Crazy good, gotcha mind running wild with wild imaginations

  11. dextah

    MORE M3AT!

  12. решение задачи 621 5класс виленкин

    Hi, I read your new stuff like every week. Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!| а

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