20!8: The Order of Athena Vs The Orange Bastard

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by Anita Lobo

The year is 2018. There’s a woman in the oval office, the world’s as equitable and harmonious as it’s ever been, and a former pro-wrestler known as The Orange Bastard spends his days alone in the desert where he belongs. Except something went wrong. The timeline got split and reality is turned upside down. Drifting between these two parallel worlds is a secret agent from The Order of Athena, a group of powerful women whose origins pre-date known history. Though her cover identity has made her the second most ridiculous person in modern politics, the agent known as Sarah Palin is determined to heal the schism in the time/space continuum, body slam The Orange Bastard, and give us back the female future we deserve. With help from a mysterious diary, a roster of high-profile Athena friends, and a few bottles of chilled rosé, Sarah must uncover a mole in The Order and travel the world in search of a scientist whose obsession with Taylor Swift threatens to derail everything.

In this comic thriller you will see the world as it is, and as it should be, while speeding towards a surprising conclusion that will having you laughing, crying, and just maybe even peeing your pants a little. Welcome to The Order. Welcome to 20!8.



Comedy. Trade paperback. 232 pages. Illustrations by Hugh Newell.

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7 reviews for 20!8: The Order of Athena Vs The Orange Bastard

  1. GEOwarringTOP

    Sarah Palin is my hero.

  2. EmuTank

    Karate chop! To the back of the neck! Ruth Bader stole my wallet!

  3. Elliott

    Only a few writers can make me laugh out loud. Anita Lobo is one of them apparently.

  4. Kevin D

    Me and my wifes boyfriend loved this book!

  5. Eve

    The book is cathartic, hilarious, and empowering!

  6. Reynolds


  7. strikerbison

    A satirical page turner packed with politics, science, heroes, and idiots. An entertaining romp through time, space, and identity with an unlikely collaboration of characters.

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