20!8: The Order of Athena Vs The Orange Bastard

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by Anita Lobo

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. 2018 should’ve been the dawn of a bright new  era. Instead, the timeline got split, and now the worst person on Earth is in control of the free world, and the only person who can stop him and heal the schism in the time/space continuum is the last person you’d ever expect. Welcome to The Order. Welcome to 20!8.



Novel. Trade paperback. 232 pages. Illustrations by Hugh Newell.


5 reviews for 20!8: The Order of Athena Vs The Orange Bastard

  1. GEOwarringTOP

    Sarah Palin is my hero.

  2. EmuTank

    Karate chop! To the back of the neck! Ruth Bader stole my wallet!

  3. Elliott

    Only a few writers can make me laugh out loud. Anita Lobo is one of them apparently.

  4. Kevin D

    Me and my wifes boyfriend loved this book!

  5. Eve

    The book is cathartic, hilarious, and empowering!

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