About Buckmxn


Buckman Map by Jodie Beechem

Look here, boring existence is not an option for the folks at Buckmxn Publishing. Time is short. We would rather roam and scout than sit at desks reading endless submissions. The laborious open submission process prevalent in today’s literature industry is not appealing to us.

Our fingers are on the pulse. We keep a sharp eye, eavesdrop the whispers, find the exceptionally talented and then deliver their words and art to the world.

Our passion to find the exceptional is only matched by our passion to engage new readers.

The operation is based in Portland, Oregon, named after the city’s famed inner-southeast neighborhood.

Buckman neighborhood has all the fixin’s for a great urban stroll. Get a sense of history at Lone Fir cemetery with its old tombstones and ghostly trees, then shoot hoops at Colonel Summers Park; drink whiskey at one of the neighborhood’s distilleries; drink beer in one of the the neighborhood’s breweries; chow Russian dumplings or ramen noodles or poutine or go to My Father’s Place and get a chicken friend steak; skip stones across the Willamette; and, if you’re lucky, enjoy the warmth of a burn barrel as the Union Pacific lumbers under Morrison Bridge.

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